Past Events

Probity Resources LP's Proven Tax Investing

Probity Resource LP’s Proven Tax Deductible Investing

Watch our past seminar on Probity Resources LP’s Proven Tax Investing.
Date: February 22, 2023

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Planning for Retirement & RRSP 101 seminar

Planning for Retirement & RRSP 101

Join us as we discuss Planning for Retirement and RRSP 101. This session promises to be informative and will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions.

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19th Annual Christmas Children's Party

19th Annual Children’s Christmas Party

Client’s are invited to our 19th Annaul Children’s Christmas party which takes place on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

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Canadian Global Market Outlook

Watch our Live Stream video of our expert guest panelists discussing the Global and Canadian Market Outlook

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September Seminar Invite

Are You Worried About Rising Inflation and Interest Rates

Watch our Live Stream video as we discuss inflation, interest rate hikes, the impact on the market and how we manage your portfolio.

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Your Path To Wellness

We were honoured with our guest speaker Dr. Diana Semjonov, Naturopathic Doctor who shared how to attain your path to wellness as she discussed how to rejuvenate your health and restore balance.

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Spotlight On Alternative Investments

Watch our Live Stream video as we discuss alternative investments.

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What Does The Ukraine Crisis Mean For Markets?

Watch our Live Stream video as we discuss the tensions between Russia and Ukraine and how it has created concerns about the potential impact on financial markets and the global economy.

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What Is Sustainable Investing?

Watch our Live Stream video as we chat about what is sustainable investing?

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Tax Planning Through Limited Partnerships

Watch our Live Stream video on tax planning through limited partnerships.

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Evening Seminar with James Cole, Portfolio Manager of Award Winning Funds

At Mandeville, we have a differentiated approach in that we have the ability to provide you with access to solutions that are typically only available to the affluent and institutional investor. One of these solutions in particular has provided 499.6% cumulative returns since its inception!

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Update on New Mortgage Rules and What Lies Ahead?

We are pleased to present Jean Lamarche, a mortgage agent and mortgage expert with the Ottawa Mortgage Guys. Jean has 29 years of experience dealing with mortgages and has spent the last 14 years with the Ottawa Mortgage Guys. Jean will take us through the different rules and features of mortgages, for both personal and rental properties, as well as the impact of the low interest rate environment we are experiencing in Canada today.

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