Tax Planning Through Limited Partnerships


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Year after year clients ask the question of whether or not they can pay less in taxes than the previous year. We here at Mandeville have a number of proven and effective ways to assist clients in driving down their tax bill and have chosen to present two ways in which clients can benefit. As many clients may recognize, every year we utilize Flow-Through Limited Partnerships in order to help reduce taxes paid and reduce potential Old Age Security (OAS) claw back.

How do these investments do this you might ask? The Canadian government realizes the high risk associated with junior resource companies. They therefore provide a tax incentive when investing in resource related companies. This incentive works similarly to an RRSP contribution, in that it provides a tax deduction with some additional advantages which we will illustrate.

We were grateful to be joined by Peter Christiansen, President & Director of Probity Capital Corporation participated in our seminar presentation. Mr. Christiansen has over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, offering expertise in mutual funds, labour sponsored funds, hedge funds, and flow-through partnerships. Prior to co-founding Probity Capital Corporation with Brent Larkan in 2014, he was the managing partner for Eastern Canada for i9 Capital Consulting. Prior to that position, Mr. Christiansen was the Executive Vice President, National Sales for Mineral Fields Group where he led a sales team that raised money for mining focused flow-through limited partnerships.

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