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Did you know that in the Mandeville Vault, there is more functionality other than accessing your client statements or uploading documents to your Financial Advisor. Additional folders were created for your personal and professional use. These sections are titled:

  • Estate Planning & Insurance
  • Banking Solutions
  • Corporation & Partnerships.

These folders are available to you to use as you wish.

Did you know that in the Mandeville Vault, you can create your own personal folders and add contacts (trusted collaborator) where you provide access to your vault. You have control to provide permissions to your trusted collaborator in accessing a specific folder or multiple folders. This can be helpful to provide your lawyer, accountant, your children in having access to your tax documents, wills and power of attorney and avoids you from emailing any confidential information over the internet as the Vault provides a high level of cybersecurity. This functionality allows you to provide view-only or full access to the documents in the folder that you permission.

Check out the below links providing step-by-step instructions:

How to add a new contact:


How to add and send an invitation to a collaborator (contact):


How to create a folder:


Sharing Documents in the Vault:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at amolon@mandevillepc.com or 1-613-728-0101, ext. 233.

By: Anka Molon, Senior Manager, Client Services & Practice Management – Prittie Private Wealth

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